4 Ways To Solve Battery Burnout With Smart IC Chargers

Charge Your Phone Faster Without Causing Damage

1. Take Advantage Of Smart IC Capable Chargers: Not every device charges at  the same rate... and not every mobile  charger is created equal. Modern  chargers take advantage of Smart IC  technology to automatically charge your devices at their optimal rates, instead of  remaining at a bare minimum.  This can cut your charging times in half!

2. Consolidate Your Chargers Into One Device: It's a lot easier to carry one charger than three or four.  Many popular after-market chargers offer 2, 3, 4 or more ports of various types.  If you're a frequent traveler with lots of electronics (or your family is about to take a trip together) this can be a lifesaver—just make sure that your charger can push enough wattage to efficiently power everything you need.

3. Avoid Discount Bargain-Bin Phone Chargers: Electrical fires are almost never caused by flaws in our actual devices; mobiles, laptops, and tablets are all manufactured to very demanding specifications and contain internal charge limiters to prevent damage.  Rather, accidents are usually the result of cheap and/or off-brand chargers being substituted for the real thing.  Pay close attention to the feel and exterior quality of any replacement chargers that you purchase—if it feels cheap on the outside, it's probably cheap on the inside.

4. Turn Off Or Set To Airplane Mode When Using Weak Chargers: If you're forced to use a slow charger with low amperage (such as most USB 2.0 sockets), consider turning your mobile off entirely.  Older, weaker chargers often can't supply enough amperage to make up for the power that you're using, especially when performing bandwidth-intensive tasks over mobile data (like uploading photo and video).  If this is a situation you run into often, you may need a more powerful charger.

There's nothing more frustrating than a dead mobile battery at the end of a long workday.  That's often when you need it the most—whether you're out at the pub, networking with clients, or relying on your GPS to get home.

And when you're traveling on business, you don't often have time to wait somewhere for hours, charging.  Hectic airport connections and cross-terminal sprints don't exactly lend themselves to charging your electronics.

It's even worse when you have multiple devices on you.  Between your work laptop, work mobile, presentation tablet, and personal mobile it can feel like half of your luggage is heavy power supplies and a spaghetti mess of charger cables.

“We've all been there—rummaging through the disorganised mess of chargers and cables in the bottom of a suitcase, trying to find the right one for our mobile, and then wandering around the airport terminal or coffee shop trying to find a free outlet.  It's infuriating—and that's exactly the scenario we're trying to eliminate,” says Grayson, co-founder of TartanTech, one of the UK's premier electronics companies.

Not only has TartanTech been trying to popularise the multiple-socket charger, but they've been working to remove the stigma that surrounds rapid charge adapters.

“With rapid chargers, you've got this impression that they're dangerous, that they're going to damage your mobile battery,” said Grayson.  “But that's not how it works.  It's simply impossible to damage a modern piece of electronics by trying to fast charge it—they all have internal limiters that constrain how much charge reaches the battery.”

Modern fast chargers use Smart IC capability to determine the optimal charge rate for different types of devices, and then deliver the optimal amount of current to charge as quickly as possible.  This can cut charging time to one-half or even one-third of what it would take with older technology—an innovation that's a life-saver when traveling or in a rush. 


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